How to get RTC map for land in Karnataka ?

Tushar Tushar
Answered on August 22,2019

RTC and Pahani are used interchangeably to refer to Land Records in Karnataka. RTC stands for Record of Rights, Tenancy and Crop Information. As the name suggests, RTC contains details of land such as owners’ details, area, assessment, water rate, soil type, nature of possession of the Land, Liabilities, Tenancy and Crops grown, etc.

Pahani (RTC) helps in establishing the title of land and may be required for various other reasons. 

There are 3 components to RTC: Land,Owner, Cultivation & Crop details

       1. Land Details

This section consists of several columns comprising the following details:

  • Survey Number – A unique number assigned to a particular piece of land for its physical identification.

  • Hissa Number – It is a number showing sub-division of a particular survey number.

  • Extent of Land – It shows the total area of the land being considered.

  • Revenue – It includes details related to Land Revenue, Cesses and Water Rate.

  • Soil Type – It refers to classification of soil.

  • Tree Details – It indicates name and number of trees.

  • Irrigation Details as per the extent – It shows information about the source of irrigation and area under irrigation across different categories such as Kharif area, Rabi area and Garden area.

2.  Owner Details

As the name suggests, it include details of land owner such as Owner's name, Father's name, Address of the owner, Extent of the land holding, Khatanumber and Other rights and liabilities. It also covers Acquisition type and its description showing the respective mutation entry associated with the transaction.

3. Cultivation & Crop details

This section comprises Year, Season, Cultivator's name, Cultivator's place of residence, Cultivation type, Extent of land under cultivation, Category-wise land utilisation and its extent, Name of crops grown, Extent of land under crops, Water source, Yield and Details of mixed crops.

Revenue Map

You can see the revenue map by visiting Bhoomi website. Revenue Map provides all the details about the particular land you want to buy or sell in map format. Follow the below steps to get Revenue Map.

Bhoomi Revenue Maps

  • Select District, Taluk, Hobli and Map types

Bhoomi Revenue Maps Online

  • Click on PDF file to view the Revenue map.

Bhoomi Revenue Map PDF

Mohan Mohan
Answered on November 11,2019

Check this video to find out details of your land in Karnataka.
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Bhoomi RTC - Land Records in Karnataka

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