How do I make an affidavit for a lost and damaged passport?

Here is the step by step procedure to make an affidavit for lost & damaged passport

Step 1: Buy two non-judicial e-stamp paper from co-operative bank, court, or sub-registrar near you. (One for affidavit and another for annexure). Each stamp value Rs. 100/-

Step 2: Download the affidavit form. Here is the link

Download the Annexure form. Here is the link

Step 3: Fill in the required details in Affidavit and Annexure form

Step 4: Attach one non-judicial e-stamp with affidavit and another non-judicial e-stamp paper with Annexure

Step 5: Meet a notary public near you. Applicant should sign the affidavit and annexure in front of notary public.

Step 6: Notary public seal and attest the affidavit & Annexure. Notary public makes an entry in notary book

This completes the execution of an affidavit and annexure for lost & damage of passport

An attested affidavit looks like the below image.

An attested Annexure looks like the below image


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