How do I make an affidavit for a lost and damaged passport?

Here is the step by step procedure to make an affidavit for lost & damaged passport

Step 1: Buy two non-judicial e-stamp paper from co-operative bank, court, or sub-registrar near you. (One for affidavit and another for annexure). Each stamp value Rs. 100/-

Step 2: Download the affidavit form. Here is the link

Download the Annexure form. Here is the link

Step 3: Fill in the required details in Affidavit and Annexure form

Step 4: Attach one non-judicial e-stamp with affidavit and another non-judicial e-stamp paper with Annexure

Step 5: Meet a notary public near you. Applicant should sign the affidavit and annexure in front of notary public.

Step 6: Notary public seal and attest the affidavit & Annexure. Notary public makes an entry in notary book

This completes the execution of an affidavit and annexure for lost & damage of passport

An attested affidavit looks like the below image.

An attested Annexure looks like the below image


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No need to submitt an affidavit for damaged passport. It is no more acceptable in PSK. But if you had lost your passport you need to submitt an FIR copy (form76A) along with all required documents.

The police officials would ask you to furnish two News paper cuttings out of which 1 news paper must have published in your local area in your local language and another in national level which should be in english.But for this purpose news paper agency will ask you to provide an detailed affidavit containig where, when and how you had lost your passport. For making an affidavit you can apptoach any Notary public in your area.

It will cost wiyhin 200 rupees only and paper agency will charge you Rs 600 or less for two news papers.
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