How do I adjudicate a sale agreement for the purchase of property in Bangalore?

Sale agreement constitute the terms & conditions of sale of a property, the terms and conditions includes consideration price, terms of payment and date of ownership transfer.


Let me answer this question with context for better understanding: I am buying a 2BHK flat in Nallurahalli, Bangalore. The government guidance value is Rs. 45 lakhs, the buying price is Rs. 79 lakhs

I made the down payment of Rs. 30,000 to seller and signed the sale agreement with seller.

My bank told me to adjudicate the sale agreement to process the home loan application, the adjudication fee is 0.1% of buying price.

For example : The buying price is Rs. 79 lakhs, the adjudication fee is Rs.79,00,000 X 0.1% = 7,900


We followed below procedure to adjudicate the sale agreement.

Open the Khajana -2 website, here is the link The home page looks like below image

Click on Generate Challan, Refer to below image

The page directs to application page, looks like below image

The application page consist of four sections, they are:

  • Date of Challan
  • Remitter Details
  • Department Details
  • Purpose Details

In below, we explained the detailed procedure to fill all sections


Date of Challan: Current date appears default, we do not need to make any entry here. Refer to below image


Remitter Details: I am the buyer, I am paying adjudication fee so we entered my details, the details includes name, E-mail, Address and mobile number. Refer to below image


Department Details: Select the following options from dropdown list

  • Category : Government
  • District: BENGALURU URBAN (my property located in Bengaluru urban so I selected)
  • DDO Office: SUB REGISTRAR OFFICE, SHIIVAJINAGAR, BANGALORE (I want to adjudicate the sale agreement in Shivajinagar sub-registrar office so selected this option)
  • DDO Code: 11678O (code appears default, we do not need to make any entry)

Refer to below image


Purpose Details: Select the following options from dropdown list

  • Purpose: DUTY (STAMP DUTY)
  • Head of Account: 0030~02~103~0~01~000 (Account appears default, we do not need to make any entry)
  • Amount: 7900 (Enter 0.1% of buying price. My buying price is Rs. 79 lakhs so entered Rs.7,900)

Refer to below image


Click on Add, the purpose details index below. Refer to below image


  • Total Amount: 7900 (appears default, we do not need to make any entry)
  • Mode of Payment: Debit Card / Credit Card (We have option to pay by net banking, cash, Cheque, Demand draft)
  • Treasury : STATE CYBER TREASURY (appears default, we do not need to make any entry)
  • Types of Aggregator : SBI e-Pay (CC/DC)

Refer to below image


Check on the Terms & Conditions and Submit . Refer to below image


Go through the summary report for any corrections. Type the Captcha shown and click on Confirm Refer to below image


Challan Reference Number generates, refer to below image

(Note down the challan reference number before we click OK. We received the challan reference number through SMS as well)

Click on OK


We made the payment through UPI, refer to below payment page

Below is the payment challan


In sub-registrar office, the officer asked us to fill FRANKING OF 10A FORM, Refer to below image


We handed over following documents in counter for adjudication:

  • Franking of 10A form (shared the image above)
  • Signed sale agreement (Seller, buyer and two witnesses signed the sale agreement)
  • Khajane -2 challan (shared the image above)

The officer printed the 10A Certificate, the 10A certificate has the adjudication number, we highlighted in below image

Below is the payment receipt, we received along with 10A certificate


Below is the 1st page of my sale agreement. The 10A certificate was printed just behind 1st page. We used this sale agreement to process my home loan.



  • As per our context, the property located in Nallurahalli, the Nallurahalli comes under Shivajinagar District Jurisdiction. In the below image, we listed the sub-registrar offices (SRO) under the Shivajinagar District Jurisdiction, we can adjudicate this sale agreement in any of the below listed SRO
  • Similarly Gandhinagar, Rajajinagar, Jayanagar and Basavanagudi are other district Jurisdiction in Bengaluru Urban, we should adjudicate the sale agreement in SRO within the respective District jurisdiction


  • As an alternative, we can use non-judicial E-stamp paper. Non Judicial e-Stamp paper are available near sub-registrar office, court and co-operative bank near you. The non-judicial e-stamp paper looks like below image
  • Details require to buy non-judicial e-stamp paper : Seller name, buyer name, stamp paper purchaser’s contact number, consideration value and stamp duty value


  • 0.1% of adjudication fee is offset against the stamp duty payment for sale deed registration


We provide assistance to execute sale agreement, our assistance includes adjudication + home delivery.

To opt for our service, please WhatsApp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

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