How can NRI buy property in India without visiting?

Five simplified steps to buy a property in India, without visiting or being in abroad

  1. General Power of Attorney (GPA)
  2. Sale Agreement
  3. Home loan (skip this step if you are self-financing)
  4. TDS (skip this step if your buying price is less than Rs 50 lakh)
  5. Sale deed

For your better understanding, let me narrate the real example that how Mrs. Priya purchased a property in India from being in abroad.

Mrs. Priya lives in Denmark. She decided to buy a 2BHK flat in Bangalore, India. The price of the flat is Rs. 49,75,000/-

Due to work commitments, Mrs. Priya could not able to come to India to register the property so she nominated her mother to be her lawful power agent in India.


1. General Power of Attorney (GPA)

Mrs Priya followed below steps to make the General Power of Attorney (GPA)

Step 1: Drafted the GPA in word file

Step 2: Printed the GPA draft on A4 size paper

Step 3: Mrs Priya affixed her passport-size photo on last page of GPA

Step 4: Mrs Priya signed the GPA in front of Notary public in Denmark, Two witnesses signed at last page of GPA.

Notary public attested the GPA and issued notary certificate.

Step 5: Mrs. Priya self-attested the passport copy

Step 6: Mrs Priya send the GPA and self-attested passport copy to her mother in India through courier

Step 7: Mother received the courier in India, (in 5 days from the day of dispatch in Denmark)

Step 8: Mother carried the following documents to District Registrar Office (DRO) to adjudicate the GPA

  • Original GPA received from Denmark
  • Mrs Priya’s self-attested passport copy
  • Mother’s aadhar
  • Request letter signed by mother (shared the mock below)

Step 9: DRO verified the above documents including Mrs Priya’s passport and mother’s aadhar copy. Approved for adjudication

DRO adjudicated GPA. The adjudicated GPA looks like below image:

Below is the image of request letter signed by mother



2. Sale Agreement:

The sale agreement is the most important document in the whole chain of buying a property because even the sale deed is executed based on the terms & conditions covered under sale agreement.

We helped Mrs Priya to make sale agreement in India, we followed below steps to make sale agreement

Step 1: Drafted the sale agreement in word file

Step 2: Printed the sale agreement draft on A4 size paper

Step 3: Seller and Buyer (GPA holder) signed the sale agreement at bottom of all pages. Two witnesses signed on last page.

Step 4: We generated K2 challan worth Rs.4,975 (0.1% of buying price) to frank the sale agreement.

Step 5: We franked the sale agreement in K.R. Puram, sub-registrar office in Bangalore.

Below is the image of sale agreement: