What should a Sample Gift Deed for Immovable Property contains?

A gift deed is a legal document that describes voluntary transfer of gift from the donor (owner of property) to donee (receiver of gift) without any monetary favor in return. The gift deed describes the details of the transaction.

The immovable properties are Flat, houses and commercial building

The Gift Deed for an immovable property consists of the following Information

  • Place and Date of Gift Deed registration
  • Details of Donor and Donee (Name, Age, Father name or husband name, Residental address, PAN Number)
  • Relationship between Donor and Donee
  • Location of the property
  • Details of the Property (Property Schedule)
  • In case of Apartments, (Describe composite property in Schedule-A, commensurate undivided land share in Schedule-B and property that is agreed to be gifted in Schedule-C)
  • Donor’s Deed registration details (Mother deed details)
  • The clause states that the deed has been made voluntarily, without force or coercion.
  • The clause states that Donor is the absolute owner (property is not attached to loan, GPA, and sale agreement with any other party or bank)
  • The clause states that Gift Deed is being made without any consideration.

Below is the Gift Deed draft for immovable property:

 sample gift deed

sample gift deed karnataka

sample gift deed bangalore

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