How can I collect property documents from RACPC for a joint loan account when my wife who is the second owner cannot come because she is in another town?

Once the loan is fully repaid, log into your netbanking and close your loan account. Write an email to your bank from your registered email ID for collection of property documents, bank responds with scanned copy of loan closure certificate.

(If your bank doesn’t respond to email, you must visit your bank and collect the loan closure certificate)

The loan closure certificate looks like below image

Along with loan closure certificate, bank provides an appointment (date and time) to collect property documents from RACPC. Usually, the appointment is within 15 working days from the day of collecting loan closure certificate.


All the loan applicants must come to RACPC for collection of property documents. If your wife is in another town and cannot come to collect property documents, she can grant Power of Attorney to you. You can represent your wife in RACPC

Procedure to grant the Power of Attorney (POA):

  • Draft the POA (Shared the mock draft below)
  • Buy Rs. 200 non-judicial stamp paper
  • Print the draft on stamp paper
  • Your wife signs the POA and gets the POA attestation from notary public

Below mock draft for your reference


On the appointment date, take the following documents to RACPC:

  • Loan closure certificate issued by bank
  • POA from your wife
  • Your ID proof

The RACPC verifies the above-listed documents and hands following documents to you

  • Property documents including registered deed
  • Reconveyance Deed & Exemption certificate

RACPC gets an acknowledgment signature from you for collection of property documents. Refer to below acknowledgement

In Reconveyance Deed, RACPC should mention that you are representing your wife. Refer to the arrow mark in below reconveyance deed that Mr. Bittu represented his wife Mrs. Silpha

Below is the image of exemption certificate, it means that bank is exempted from personal appearance in sub-registrar office for registration of Reconveyance deed.

Mr. Bittu carried the above Reconveyance deed and exemption certificate to sub-registrar office and registered the Reconveyance deed. (Reconveyance deed registration is the process of removing mortgage lien registered in sub-registrar office)

This completes the procedure to collect property documents from RACPC.


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