As per the road tax calculator of Tesz, road tax is 8.5% of buying cost in Karnataka for a petrol bike of 2013. But as per one agent, it is 18%. Is there any  any document from the government to rely upon ?

Ravi Ravi
Answered on September 10,2019

You can check this link from transport department website of Karnataka.

Road Tax for 2 Wheeler in Karnataka

I will give you an example on how to interpret the table. Assume that your bike costs INR 55000. Check the highlighted portion in the screenshot below.

As price of vehicle is INR 55000, road tax will be 12%.

Road Tax = 12% of 55000 = 6600

As your bike is around 6-7 years old,above road tax needs to be discounted to 64%

Actual Road Tax = 6600* 64% = 4224

There is a cess of 11% = 4224 * 1.11 =  INR 4689


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