Meaning of Vehicle is Flagged as Not To Be Transacted (NTBT)

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Updated on March 13, 2024

Currently, vehicle blacklisting is done on Vahan upon request from States/UTs.

Blacklisting leads to restrictions on vehicle-related transactions on Vahan. It causes much distress to vehicle owners, especially in case of minor offenses or wrongful blacklisting.

In many cases, the request for blacklisting is placed by authorities in States/UTs other than the State/UT in which the vehicle is registered, due to which citizens have to travel long distances to resolve these cases.

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways develop a new system for flagging of errant vehicles on Vahan as per relevant provision of MV Act, 1988 and CMVR, 1989.

Vehicle Flagged as Not To Be Transacted (NTBT)

The list of proposed categories for flagging of vehicles as "NOT TO BE TRANSACTED" (NTBT) on Vahan is provided below.

Vehicle Flagged as Not to be Transacted

Vehicle Flagged as Not to be Transacted

What to do if my vehicle is flagged as not to be transacted?

The vehicle can be flagged only by the registering authority in whose jurisdiction the vehicle stood registered. Other authorities would be permitted to send a request to the parent RTO through the system.

The registering authority shall send a text message with reason(s) to the registered owner to allow him/her to immediately takes necessary action to the vehicle deflagged. Thus, the registered owner is not required to visit anywhere other than the jurisdiction of his/her registering authority.


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