How to get Domicile Certificate in Karnataka?

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Name of the Service Domicile Certificate in Karnataka
Department Revenue Department
Beneficiaries Citizens of Karnataka
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A domicile certificate is an official statement provided to the citizen by the state government confirming the residence of the applicant. The domicile certificate proves that the person is staying in a particular place for such a long time. And the individual is the permanent resident of that particular place or state.

Domicile Certificate can be made only in one State/UT. Obtaining Domicile Certificate from more than one State/UT is an offence.

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

  • Address Proof: Any 1 of Passport / Water Bill / Ration Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card / Telephone Bill / Driving License / Electricity Bill / Property Tax Receipt / Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt

  • Identity Proof: Any 1 of PAN Card / Passport / RSBY Card / Aadhaar Card / Voter ID Card / MNREGA Job Card / Driving License / Photo of Applicant / Identity card issued by Govt or Semi Govt organisations

  • Age Proof (In Case of Minor): Any 1 of  Birth Certificate / School Leaving Certificate / Extract from primary school entry

  • Other Documents (if required) : Any 1 of Water Bill,Ration Card/ Rent Receipt/ Voter List Fee/ Telephone Bill/ Electricity Bill/ Marriage certificate/ Property Tax Receipt/ Property Registration Fee/ Residence Proof of Husband/ Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt

  • Self Declaration from the applicant

Eligibility Criteria for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

The applicant should have been a permanent resident in the state of Karnataka for the last six years.

Apply Online for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Follow the below steps to obtain Domicile Certificate online.

Nadakacheri Home Page Domicile Certificate

  • Choose "Apply Online" from the drop-down menu.

  • Enter the Mobile number.

  • Click on "Get OTP" to receive OTP on your mobile number.

  • Click on ‘New Request’.

  • Choose Residence/Domicile Certificate and then it will prompt whether you require a certificate in English or Kannada.

  • Enter user details, all fields shown in Red are compulsory.

  • Select the mode of delivery, as Nadakacheri or Registered Post

  • And upload the required documents for the Income certificate. Red colour labels indicate compulsory fields and the remaining fields are optional but need to be produced for the easy and fast process of applications. And then click on ‘Save’ to save or ‘Cancel’ for cancellation.

  • Click on the ‘Save’ button, then will generate ACK no, and the user will receive the same ACK no to his mobile.

  • Click the ‘OK’ button, then click on the ‘Online Payment’ button to pay the application fees. Then will show the following message as below. Click ‘OK’ to proceed or ‘Cancel’ to cancel the payment.

  • On the bill payment page, choose the card payment: Credit Cards, Internet Banking, Debit Cards, Select the Card Type, and click on ‘Make Payment’.

  • Provide required details then click on ‘Make Payment’.

  • The application will be accepted only after successful online payment of application fees. After successful payment, ACK no. will appear in concerned Nadakacheri’s for further process of application. And final certificate will be obtained from the concerned Nadakacheri centre.

Track Status of Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Follow the below steps to track the status of the Domicile certificate in Karnataka.

  • Visit Nadakacheri website

  • Click on "Online Application"

Nadakacheri Online Track Status Domicile Certificate

  • From the drop-down menu, select "Application Status"

  • Enter the Acknowledgment number that starts with RD.

Nadakacheri Application Status Domicile Certificate

  • Click on "Get Status" to know the status of your application 

Apply Offline for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

Follow the below steps to apply offline for a Domicile certificate in Karnataka.

Apply through CSC

Follow the below steps to apply through CSC for a Domicile certificate in Karnataka.

Get Domicile Certificate in Digilocker

For getting Nadakacheri documents like caste certificate, income certificate in Digilocker, you need to create a Digi locker account.

If you already have a Digi locker account, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit Digilocker website

  • Click on Sign in to proceed

Nadakacheri Digilocker Domicile Certificate

  • Enter your Username and Password in the fields given. Click on the Sign-in button to Login to your Digi locker account.


    Enter your Aadhaar number and click on verify button get OTP in your Aadhaar linked mobile number and enter the OTP received on your mobile to Login into your Digi locker account

Nadakacheri Digilocker Signin Domicile Certificate

  • Click on the Issued Documents. Click on Check Partners Section to begin

Nadakacheri Digilocker Issued Documents Domicile Certificate

  • Select partner name as "Revenue Department- Nadakacheri, Karnataka" and service as "Domicile Certificate".

Nadakacheri Digilocker Domicile Certificate

  • After selection of respective service, enter the Acknowledgment Number that you have got while applying for the required certificate. And click on the accept checkbox.

Nadakacheri Digilocker Domicile Certificate

  • Click on Get Document

  • Your required document will be fetched and Linked with DigiLocker Account.

Nadakacheri Digilocker Fetch Documents Domicile Certificate

  • Now, click on the issued documents

  • Click 'View Document' to view the required document.

Time Required for Domicile Certificate in Karnataka

It will take 7 days to obtain Domicile Certificate, once the application is submitted.


You need to pay  Rs. 45  for getting a Domicile Certificate in Karnataka.

Issuing Authority

Domicile certificate is issued by the Revenue or Municipal Authorities in the Revenue Department. The place of the Issuing authority should correspond to the place of domicile of the candidate/father/mother.

Application Forms

Domicile Application Form Kannada

Domicile Application Form English



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