Where to upload Previous owner (seller) Sale Deed on Sakala for Khata transfer? I submitted all required documents on Sakala after filling up form. But after 1 month, they have rejected my application with reason: Previous sale deed not submitted

If you are doing Khata transfer through gift deed, release deed, relinquishment deed or WILL, we have option to submit the parent deed (previous owner's deed)

If the khata transfer through sale deed, we don't have option to upload parent deed on sakala online services. 

It not mandatory to submit the parent if the khata transfer through sale deed. But in few exemption case, BBMP may demand parent deed for cross verification. You may share the parent deed via email or WhatsApp (don't visit the BBMP office)

Very few staffs may intentionally ask you to submit physical copy even through you uploaded all the documents on sakala website because they may get a change to bribe. If you come a cross such incident please call Sakala customer care 080-44554455 and report the matter

I had a similar experience and I reported the matter to Sakala customer care, they raised the complain against the staff and I my khata was ready within a week 

Based on your question, your application is already rejected so you can call the sakala customer and file an appeal, your application will pass to higher officer for review but the worst is it may take another 30 working days of time. 

My suggestion is that file an appeal for existing khata application, file a new application as well and keep connected with sakala customer care for easy process of your application 

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