What is the procedure to change the address in marriage certificate in Bengaluru?

Rinu Rinu
Answered on June 04,2019

It is possible to get the changes made by the issuing authority. The issuing authority here is the Registrar of Marriages where your marriage was registered.

You need to make an application to the Registrar of Marriages with copies of the relevant documents to substantiate the correct address so that the corrections can be made and a new certificate is issued to you.

If the Marriage Certificate was issued by the local body government like the municipality or the Municipal Corporation as the case may be you can make the application with the concerned office for the correction and re-issuance of the certificate.

Hashim Hashim
Answered on October 20,2019

If the address is mentioned incorrectly due to clerical mistake/typing mistake/ink mistake/ambiguity of handwriting etc. then the Registrar of Marriages corrects the same, when the matter is reported to them by way of a written application.

If the mistake is due to the reasons other than above then one needs to make an application to the Registrar of Marriages - who in turn may correct it or refuse the same. In the latter case, the Registrar of Marriages shall have to pass speaking order and that too in writing.

Based on this order, you can file an appeal with the senior official or Registrar General who has been conferred with the powers to pass the further orders. Based on this order, your certificate can be corrected. If you are further aggrieved by the order, you can approach the court of Law and the decision shall be taken by the Hon. Court. 

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