What is the procedure to add initials in a birth certificate in Chennai?

Naveen Naveen
Answered on September 30,2019

If there is a minor correction such as spelling mistakes, surname inclusion, initials inclusion etc. you can take the following documents and submit it to the local Birth registrar in Municipality to update it.

  • Request letter from the person whose name has to be corrected

  • Photo ID of Parents

  • Joint Affidavit of Parents

  • Educational document of the Parent whose name has to be corrected

The Registrar, subject to her / his satisfaction, correct / cancel the error by making a suitable entry in the margin without any alteration of the original entry
and shall sign the marginal entry and add thereto the date of correction / cancellation

Ravi Ravi
Answered on September 30,2019

Visit the local municipal office and submit the following documents to correct your name.

  • Name correction application

  • Certificate obtained from 2 gazetted officers mentioning the incorrect name and the correct name you want to have on the birth certificate

  • Marriage Certificate of parents

  • Hospital documents where the name of the parents & child date of birth is clearly mentioned.

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