I need to download my migration certificate class 12 from digilocker. As I have two words in my name ,it has no gap between them in my aadhar, but the case is opposite with my certificate(it has space between the names).So it says name mismatched. I am unable to download my certificate now.Should I have to change my name in aadhar similar to that in certificate or i have any other way to fix this issue?

We are sorry to inform that in case of name mismatch you are not able to pull your documents in DigiLocker. To fetch any document in DigiLocker your Aadhaar name should exactly match with your document name. Please update your name in Aadhaar first than try to fetch your document in Digilocker.

Please try the following options

1)Make sure that the full name/DOB that you want in your DigiLocker account is updated on your Aadhar card

2)Log In using your Aadhaar number and click on Browse> Click on Aadhaar> Click again to update Aadhaar card/Complete eKYC

3)Once you submit the OTP, the full name will be updated as per Aadhaar

4)You will not be able to change name or DOB anything different than Aadhaar

In case of any issue write to us with screenshot of error and your Aadhaar/ Mobile number.

Note: UIDAI usually take 15-20 days for the data updation. Please visit UIDAI website and download your eAdhaar. This will tell you if your data is actually updated with Aadhaar or still in process.

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Thank you for your response..


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