I don't have birth certificate. How to get birth certificate in Kolkata?

Anirban Anirban
Answered on October 02,2019

Birth certificates can be obtained only if the event of birth is registered with the KMC. Follow the below steps to check whether your birth is already registered or not.

Search Birth Certificate Online Kolkata

  • Enter Father's and Mother's name.

  • Enter Date of Birth.

  • Click on Submit.

  • If the birth is recorded, then you can see the birth registration number and hospital name of your child.

Search Birth Certificate Online Kolkata

If you can find your birth registration details here, then you can visit the nearest KMC office to get Birth Certificate.

In case, the birth is not already registered at the time of birth, the following documents are required to get Birth Certificate, 

  • Get Non-Availability Certificate from KMC Main Office, Health Department at 5, S.N. Banerjee Road, Kolkata - 700013 on the production of supporting documents like Voter ID card, Educational Record, Ration Card etc. The Non-Availability Certificate is an acknowledgment or endorsement from the authorities stating that the certificate is not available with them. Applicants have to fill a form and submit it to the Health Officer, who will then verify the data and issue the acknowledgment

  • Court Order from Executive / 1st Class Magistrate of the KMC area.

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