I am eligible for mathrushree scheme and I also submitted all the required documents to the anganawadi teacher. But I have not got any of money through this scheme. So I want to know what the steps I have to take and also can I raise complaint towards this ?

Brindha Brindha
Answered on June 21,2019

Mathrushree Scheme was announced as part of Karnataka State Budget of 2018. It was supposed to be implemented on 1st November 2018. However, it is not yet implemented.

An amount of Rs.350 crore is earmarked for this scheme. 

Lekha Lekha
Answered on June 21,2019

Department of Women and Child Development takes care of Mathrusree Yojana.

Address: Department of Women and Child Development, 1st floor, M.S. Building, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-01, India

Phone No: 080-22355984

Contact list of officers

Jayaraj Jayaraj
Answered on July 30,2019

As on June 2019, as many as 4726 women were benefited from CM’s Mathrushree Scheme. Beneficiaries are requested to contact their Anganwadi workers and Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs) for getting the benefits.

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