How to find PNR Number of my railway ticket from Transaction ID ?

Rachit gupta Rachit gupta
Answered on April 03,2021

If you have Railway Receipt (RR) while buying a ticket in IRCTC rail connect app, you can go to PNR enquiry tab and type your transaction ID,it will come

M.S. S. Indian Train
Answered on September 16,2021

If you have booked from any one of the website and apps that offer facility of online ticket booking then you will get your ticket PNR number easily from your booking history. And if you have booked your ticket through railway station counter then PNR number is printed on top-left corner of your ticket. In case, you have waiting list ticket and want you check updated status of your ticket then you can go to the PNR Status web page.

Ravi Ravi
Answered on June 03,2018

If you have booked the ticket through IRCTC website, then you can check it under “Booked Ticket History”.

  1. Login to irctc website (
  2. Click on "Booked Ticket History"
  3. It will have details about PNR and transaction ID of all the tickets.
  4. Press Ctr+F and check for the transaction ID of the required ticket. You will see PNR number along with the transaction ID.
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