How to download certified copy of sale deed from Kaveri Online Services?

Every document registered in sub-registrar office are stored digitally and access to general public through Kaveri Online Services. Its easy to track and access the registered documents in Kaveri Online Services at the comfort of your home without stepping out.

Before we explain the procedure to download certified copy in Kaveri Online Services, let us explain about the Registration number

The registration number is the identify of your registered document. The registration number looks like below image. (we highlighted the registration number from my sale deed, refer the arrow mark in below image)

The registration number is VRT-1-XXXXX-2021–22, the abbreviation as follows

  • VRT - is the abbreviation of Varthur (Every sub-registrar office has short name and that short name is part of registration number. I registered this sale deed in Varthur sub-registrar office so VRT is part of my registration number.
  • 1 - is the book number (document stored in book 1, Book 1 is meant for public record)
  • XXXXX- Document number (its a 5 digit number)
  • 2021–22 - Year of Registration


Now lets search the document in Kaveri Online Services

Open the Kaveri Online Services website, here is the link

The home page looks like below image

To search and extract documents on Kaveri Online Services, we should register

Click on the “Register”. Refer below image to locate registration menu

Below is the registration page that you provide your name, address, mobile number and email id.

Password comes to your email, below is the image of password that I receive to my email

Login using your username, password and OTP authentication. the login page looks like below image

Click on Start a New Application. Refer to arrow mark in below image

Click on CERTIFIED COPY - (ONLINE CC), refer to arrow mark in below image

Read the Prerequisite for CC and click on Continue, refer to below image

As mentioned above, my registration number is VRT-1-XXXXX-2021–22. We are going to select following information from dropdown list based on my registration number.

  • DOCUMENT TYPE: Document Registration (same option for all documents except marriage registration)
  • DISTRICT: Shivajinagar (my property located in varthur. Varthur comes under Shivajinagar District Jurisdiction

(Under Stamp & Registration, Bengaluru Urban has five District Jurisdictions, they are Shivajinagar, Gandhinagar, Rajajinagar, Jayanagar and Basavanagudi

For Bengaluru Rural, select Bengaluru Rural. For other places select the name of your district from dropdown)

  • SUB REGISTER OFFICE: Varthur (We registered this sale deed in Varthur sub-registrar office so selected Varthur)
  • BOOK TYPE : Book 1
  • DOCUMENT NUMBER: XXXXX (5 digit number which is part of your registration number)
  • YEAR OF REGISTRATION: 2021–22 (we registered this property in the year 2021–22 so selected 2021–22 from dropdown)

Below is the image of filled details

Click on Search, refer to arrow in below image

The search result displays, refer to below sale deed

Click on the download symbol to download complete sale deed in PDF. Refer to arrow in below image

The above download option enable to download only the information copy. The information copy looks like below image (The information copy has water mark)

If you want to apply for certified copy, at the bottom of page, check the declaration boxes and click on Proceed. Refer to arrow marks in below image

Make the payment, the fee is based on number of pages. My sale deed is in 16 pages so my fee is 210. Refer to below image

Below is the payment challan

Click on Return To Application. Refer arrow mark in below image

In the application page, click on E-Sign, Refer to below image

In the next page, Click on Click to E-Sign, Refer to arrow mark in below image

Provide your Aadhaar number and complete E-Sign, refer to below image

Enter the OTP received to mobile number linked with aadhaar

We submitted the application successfully, refer to below image

The status shows Pending at SRO, Refer to below image


After 2 days , the application status changed to Application Digitally Signed by SRO. Refer to below image

Click on Download Signed CC to download the signed CC in PDF format. Refer to below image

(The abbreviation of CC is Certified Copy)

The signed cc looks like below image (without watermark)

The below image is the digital signed by sub-registrar office, this page is part of your signed CC

This completes the procedure to search registered document on Kaveri Online Services


We provide assistance to extract registered documents. Please WhatsApp to + 9 1 - 9 7 4 2 4 7 9 0 2 0.

Thank you for reading…

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