How to do a court marriage in India ?

Devi Devi
Answered on September 09,2019

If you both are planning to get married by means of a court marriage, you are eligible for a court marriage procedure. Under this criterion, you need to visit the registrar office twice. At your first visit, you need to file a notice for the court marriage and perform the basic document verification. Once you have filed the marriage notice, the lawyer assigns you a marriage date exactly 30 days from the date of application. At your second visit, you need to carry all the needful documents and sign on the marriage certificate. You can then collect the marriage certificate ad tie a knot afterward!

Leela Leela
Answered on September 09,2019

In the court marriage, any two persons who are eligible can marry each other in the presence of three witnesses. There is no need for any rituals to solemnize the marriage. Presence of a marriage officer and three witnesses is enough. The main important thing in the court marriage is that it should satisfy the rules and regulations of the special marriage act, 1954.

Any individuals of different genders irrespective of their caste and religion can get marry each other through the court marriage. It is not even mandatory that both the individuals must be of Indian nationals. There can be one Indian national and one Foreign national also.
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