How do I cancel a power of attorney from abroad?

  • Power of Attorney (POA)
  • The principal is the person who grants the POA
  • The agent is the person who receives the POA

The principal cancels the POA in various circumstances. Below are few

  • Lost of Trust
  • Change in relationship
  • Change in requirement or purpose
  • When the purpose of the POA has come to an end
  • When the agent becomes insolvent or unsound mind
  • Gross mismanagement on agent’s part
  • Agent breaches the contract terms or acts beyond his/her scope of power

Procedure to cancel the Power of Attorney from abroad:

  • Draft the “Revocation of POA”
  • Print the draft on A4-size paper
  • Principal Sign the “Revocation of POA”
  • Attest the “Revocation of POA” from notary or consulate in the country you reside
  • Send the “Revocation of POA” to India

In India, your representative submits below documents to Registrar's Office for adjudication

  • Revocation of POA
  • Photocopy of POA (which you executed earlier and want to cancel now)
  • Photocopy of principal’s and Agent’s ID proof

The registrar's office verifies the above documents and your representative pays the required stamp duty

The registrar's office adjudicates the “Revocation of POA”

The Registrar's office hands back the original “Revocation of POA” and retain the photocopy

This completes the procedure.


Let me share my experience of canceling the POA:

My client lives in Texas, USA. He owns a villa in Bangalore and he wants to sell his Villa.

Due to geographical and time constraints, my client could not look after the sale process. He granted General Power of Attorney (GPA) to his brother in India so his brother could look after the sale proceeds on his behalf.

Refer to the below GPA

After two months of exploring the market, we found a first-time home buyer whose consideration is Rs. 1.2 Cr. However, the buyer was not interested in buying through GPA. Because the buyer wants actual owner to sign the sale deed and present biometric thumb impression in sub-registrar office for registration

The deal seemed lucrative, so we obliged the buyer's request. We canceled the above GPA as the seller will come to India for deed registration

We followed the below procedure to cancel our GPA:

  • Drafted the “Revocation of GPA” in word document
  • We emailed the draft to our client (who is in Texas, USA)
  • My client in Texas took the printout and signed
  • My client got notary attestation in “Revocation of GPA” in Texas
  • My client couriered the “Revocation of GPA” to India

In India, we submitted the following documents to District registrar's office for adjudication

  • Original “Revocation of GPA” (which came from Texas, USA)
  • Photocopy of GPA (which we executed 2 months ago)
  • Printout of Principal and agent ID proofs
  • Request letter addressing to District Registrar for adjudication of “Revocation of GPA”
  • The staff in District registrar verified the documents and accepted them for adjudication
  • We paid the Stamp Duty of Rs. 500

Within the same day evening, our “Revocation of GPA” was Adjudicated and handed to us. Refer to below image

We shared the revocation copy with buyer for his reference, Also we published it in two newspapers, one in Kannada and another in English language paper

This completes the procedure. We provide assistance to cancel POA, GPA and SPOA from abroad. To opt for our service, please Whatsapp to +91-97424-79020

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