How can I give power of attorney (POA) to USA from India?

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to appoint someone, for example a lawyer, to act on your behalf in specified matters

Below is the step by step procedure to give Power of Attorney (POA) to USA from India

Step 1: Prepare POA draft in word format, a draft looks like below image (POA draft varies based on your need, we prepared the below draft to sell property in USA)

POA draft to sell property in USA

POA USA sell property

Step 2: Print the draft on normal A4 size paper

Step 3: Carry the following documents to notary public near you in India

  • Printer Power of Attorney
  • Passport original and one photocopy

Notary public reads the POA and verifies passport copy

Step 4: Principal signs the POA in front of notary

Notary seals and signs the POA. Notary makes an entry in notary book 

Below notarized POA for your reference.

Notarized POA USA

Notarized POA Property USA

Step 5: Send the notarized POA to your agent In USA

This completed the procedure to give POA to US resident from India.


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