How can I execute a power of attorney deed in United Kingdom for using it in India ?

Below is the step-by-step procedure to execute power of attorney in United kingdom for using in India 

1. Draft : Prepare the draft in word format.

2. Print: Print the draft on the normal A4 size paper. Attach your passport-size photo on last page of GPA.

3. Notary: Meet the notary near you in united kingdom and attest the GPA from notary

4. Transit: Send the GPA to your attorney holder in Inida

5. Adjudication: Your attorney should carry the following documents to District registrar's office to adjudicate the Power of Attorney (POA).

Adjudication should be done in the jurisdiction of where the property is located.

  • Original Power of Attorney (which came from united kingdom)
  • ID proof of you and your attorney holder in India 
  • Stamp duty challan
  • Requisition letter for adjudication
  • Sale deed copy (for selling the property. if buying, ignore this)

District Registrar office (DRO)

  • DRO verified POA, ID proofs, stamp duty payment.
  • DRO adjudicates the POA.

This completes the procedure to execute Power of Attorney in United kingdom for using in India


In the below real example, the brother lives in UK, gives GPA to his brother in India, for selling a property in kolar, India.

We followed the above procedure to execute below GPA, GPA holer sold the property using this GPA.

GPA property registration UK IndiaGPA property registration India UKUK property registration GPAGPA UK India



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