How can i cancel e-tickets ?

Sana Sana
Answered on February 27,2019

Follow the below step to cancel e-ticket

  1. Login using your account on
  2. On the top menu bar you will see 'MY ACCOUNT'
  3. Under 'MY ACCOUNT', there is sub menu 'My Transactions'
  4. Under 'My Transactions', there is sub menu 'Booked Ticket History'.
  5. Please click on 'Booked Ticket History' and select the ticket to be cancelled and can initiate the cancellation by selecting the passengers to be cancelled.

Note: E-Tickets can be cancelled on the internet till Chart preparation of the train. Cancellations are not allowed at face to face Railway Counters. If the user wishes to cancel his e-Ticket, he can do so till the time of chart preparation for the train. 

For more details, you can check this link for the procedure on cancellation of E-tickets.
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