Can I update Biometrics such as Finger Prints,Iris,photograph in Aadhaar?

Aadharman Aadharman
Answered on March 03,2018

Yes, you can update your Biometrics (Finger Prints/ Iris/photograph) in Aadhaar. For Biometrics updates, you need to visit nearest Aadhar Enrolment Center.

Raghu Raghu
Answered on May 25,2018

Biometric update can be done in following cases
1. When you have undergone plastic surgery
2. In case of children, when they attain the age of 5, 15 and later once every 10 years.

You have to visit a permanent Aadhaar enrollment centre to make a biomettic update. Biometric update take place in 4-5 days after the submission of request along with your ID and address proof.

Venkat Venkat
Answered on January 30,2019

Yes, you can update biometrics such as iris scan, finger print at nearest Aadhar service centre.

From January 2019, it will cost you INR 50 to make updates in Aadhaar.

Shalu Shalu
Answered on December 03,2019

 Follow the process mention in the videos below to update your biometrics in Aadhaar.

Process to update Finger Print in Aadhaar card is provided in the video below.

Process to update Iris scan in Aadhaar cardi s provided in the video below.

Process to update photo in Aadhaar card is provided below.