Are there any charges applicable for changing/updating Aadhar details at enrollment centre/offline? I have been asked to pay Rs.200 to do the same.  

Irine Irine
Answered on December 10,2017

Yes, there might be some nominal charges incurred to get the Aadhar updated/ changed.

However Rs. 200 is a huge amount. The charges incurred are nominal such as Rs. 30/- if done from an authorized Aadhar centre. Also, you will not have to pay a single penny if you get your Aadhar updated online, through the government portal.

The government portal for downloading the Aadhar online and absolutely free of cost is You need to simply visit the portal and look under ‘Aadhar enrollment’ for the ‘download Aadhar’ option.

Janu Janu
Answered on January 29,2019

From January 2019, Aadhar update fee is INR 50.