How to get BBMP Building Plan Approval ?

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

If you are planning to construct a building in Bangalore, you need to get approval from Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). BBMP's responsibility is to meet the infrastructure and civic requirements of Greater Bangalore. This includes building and maintaining sewage, roads, bridges, and garbage. The BBMP also handles waste management and similar activities.


For getting Building Plan Approval from BBMP, you need to approach following Department and Officer.

Department to Approach: Town Planning Section, BBMP Head Office

Officer to Approach: Additional Director of Town Planning headed by Commissioner, BBMP

Town Planning Section, BBMP Head Office provides sanction of Building Plan for residential Dwelling houses / Apartments / Non-Residential Buildings

  • Consisting of more than single basement floor irrespective of number of floors

  • Consisting of BF+GF+4 and above upper floors.

  • For all the cases where Development Plan is approved by the Bangalore Development Authority.

Eligibility Criteria

Any owner of the property in the jurisdiction of BBMP area who has the following documents can apply for BBMP building plan approval.

  • Sale deed

  • BBMP khata certificate 

    Khata is a legal identification certificate issued by BBMP. The certificate consists of all details of the property including name of the owner, size of the building or plot, location and other important particulars.

    Khata is a document that shows a property owner having an account with the Municipality for paying taxes. What makes it important is that it identifies the person liable for paying property tax. The details of a Khata include property owner's name, size of the property, location, built-up area etc. and is essentially required to calculate the tax payable on that property.

    You need a Khata to apply for electricity and water connections, as well as for trade and building licenses. It is also required when applying for a bank loan.

    There are two types of properties. A-Khatha certificates are issued for properties which have been developed as per the sanctions. There will be valid licenses and approvals. If you possess A-Khata certificate, it is possible to get trade license or building license very easily. You will also be able to take loans from banks and financial institutions without any issues when you have access to the A-Khata Certificate.

    If there are valid sanctions and approvals, B-Khatha certificates are issued. The certificate denotes that the tax to the property is being paid to the Government. B Khatha is not valid Khatha extract. You will not be able to get loans from financial institutions.

    If there are minimal deviations in B-Khatha properties, they can be converted into A Khatha through building regularization. In order to apply for A Khatha certificate from B Khatha certificate, you should submit documents including DC converted property, complete tax paid statement and betterment charges for conversion needs.

    Application for Khata extract Registration/ Transfer / Bifurcation /Amalgamation can be done through online or offline. If you apply through online, you should provide Old PID Number, Name of the Applicant and Email ID of the applicant along with other particulars. The original form can be submitted along-with other forms so that it will be processed and necessary clearances will be obtained.

Documents Required

Following documents are required for BBMP Building PLAN APPROVAL

Application Process

Following steps are involved in getting your Building Plan Approved from BBMP.

  1. Submit Application  Online

    • Visit Building Plan Approval System

    • Fill the required details

    • Submitting copies of property records and drawings online

    • 5% of license fee towards scrutiny/processing charges should be paid online

    • Download of Receipt / Acknowledgement

  2. Inspection of the Site by Engineer

  3. Verification of Documents and Drawing

  4. Approval / Rejection by the competent authority

  5. The issue of Demand Note to the party for payment of Requisite Fee

  6. Receipt of Requisite Fee

Submit Application Online

Applications for BBMP Plan approval forms can be downloaded from the official website of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike. Once the Building sanction plan application is filled it can be submitted through online or offline. In order to submit the application through online, you should fill name, email id and mobile number of the applicant.

If you submit BBMP building plan online application with the required documents, verification will be done by concerned authorities. Latest khata extract certificate is an important document to be submitted. 

There will be different kinds of forms which should be used as per the size of the building plan. The BBMP plan sanction application will be approved based on certain terms and conditions.If you submit online application, it should be printed and signatures should be affixed.

You should print all the forms after submitting the online form. You are advised to submit the application to BBMP office, you should request printed acknowledgment from the office.

Inspection of Site by Engineer

  • Scheduling for inspection shall be done after all the requisite documents are submitted by the applicant. Scrutiny of documents shall be completed within ten days of submission of application Intimation of inspection shall be generated within two days of completion of the scrutiny of documents through SMS and e-mail only.

  • The scheduled date and time shall be intimated to the applicant and the scheduled date shall not exceed three days.

  • The designated officers may inspect the site with or without the applicant. However on inspection in the absence of the applicant or his authorised person if the designated officer requires any other further assistance for site inspection may call upon the applicant or his authorised representative to be present for site inspection.

  • The officers designated for inspection shall inspect the site and upload the site inspection report within 48 hours of site inspection.

  • The observations of site inspection and comments shall be recorded in the prescribed format annexure appended herewith. Any queries/ observations regarding the uploaded site inspection report may be addressed to the sanctioning authority within 48 hours of publishing the site inspection report.


License fee, Development charges, Ground rent, Security Deposit, Compound Wall fee, Plan copy fees, Fine if any and labor cess needs to be paid.

Time Required

If you submit proper documents and pay the prescribed fee, the service will be completed within 30 days.

BBMP Application Forms


What are some common queries related to Building plan sanction?
You can find a list of common Building plan sanction queries and their answer in the link below.
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Where can I get my queries related to Building plan sanction answered for free?
Tesz is a free-to-use platform for citizens to ask government-related queries. Questions are sent to a community of experts, departments and citizens to answer. You can ask the queries here.
Ask Question
How do I apply for a Building permission as a new architect?
For accessing online system first you need to register yourself with required detail like your education, license no and other general information to BBMP. After registration architect will get login credential from BBMP. After successful registration with BBMP you will able to create proposal & submit along with requisite document & proposed Drawings.
How do I get NOC required for Online submission Building Permission?
Go to ‘Apply NOC’ tab in proposal details listed in draft proposal on dashboard. Check NOCs for you want to apply. If you already have NOC simply attach by clicking attach button.
Where to view my NOC remarks?
You may track the status of NOC.Go to ‘View NOC’ tab in proposal details view in dashboard. Here you can trace your proposal, status of proposal if approved you can view Certificate also
How should I view, the status of proposal submitted?
Go to ‘Annexure Details’, In ‘Common Application Form’ fill up the details. The system is automatically assigning the proposal to Sub Engineer of respective zone under randomization.
How to view IOD certificate?
Click on ‘Approved’ link from IOD proposals and select the file to view the certificate. Go to ‘Application Summary’, click on Proposal Stages. Here you can able to view certificate in against IOD proposal in certificate column.
How to view CC (Commencement Certificate)?
Go to First CC, click on ‘Approved’ and select the file to view the certificate. Go to ‘Application Summary’ click on Proposal Stages. Here you can able to view certificate against first CC proposal in certificate column.
How to view FCC(Further /Full Commencement Certificate)?
Go to FCC, click on ‘Approved’ and select the file to view the certificate. Go to ‘Application Summary’ click on Proposal Stages. Here you can able to view certificate against FCC proposal in certificate column.
How to view OCC/BCC?
Go to OCC/BCC, click on ‘Approved’ and select the file to view the certificate. Go to ‘Application Summary’ click on Proposal Stages. Here you can able to view certificate against FCC proposal in certificate column.
How to view Auto scrutiny report in my (Applicant) console?
Open the approved application. Go to ‘Application Summary’, click on ‘Drawing Scrutiny Report’
How to download approved drawing?
Choose the application for which you want to see the approved drawing. Go to ‘Drawing (Concession)’, to view the approved drawing.
How do you make online challan payment?
Open online portal and go to ‘Online Payment’ tab. Fill the details and click on ‘Make Online Payment’.
How do I register as developer OR single owner?
In architect’s console, click on ‘Registration’. Fill the details. To complete the registration process, click on save.
How to register digital signature?
Click on ‘Attach Sign’ from the profile information window. Fill the details and save. click on Attach sign. Select sign from list appear in window.
How to approach for NMA (National Monumental Authority) for NOC/remarks?
Go to ‘Annexure Details’. In ‘Common Application Form ’choose the NMA option. In case of ‘Yes’ option for NMA new page will open. Fill the details and save.
How to raise query or ticket for redressal of queries?
Click on ‘Help Desk’ from architect’s console new window will open. Click on ‘New ticket’. Fill the details and click on submit. Generated ticked will be displayed in Helpdesk Tickets tab.
How to add more than one developer/partner in single owner developer registration?
Click on ‘Registration’. Select type as partnership firm. Select No. of Proprietors/Partners/Directors required to add.