What is a Classified Service Voter ?

Ganesh Ganesh
Answered on February 13,2019

Once you are registered as a Service Voter, you (if you are serving in armed forces or in a force to which Army Act applies) can opt for voting through Proxy as a Classified Service Voter, meaning, you can nominate somebody to vote in your place.

  • Fill Form 13F before the CO and send it to your proxy for his / her signature before a Notary / First Class Magistrate
  • Proxy can submit the Form to the Returning Officer(RO) concerned
  • If you are at native place, both you and your proxy can sign Form 13 F before a Notary / First Class Magistrate and send to the RO
  • Application for appointment of a proxy should be received by the RO before the last date of filing of nomination papers
  • Proxy should be ANY ordinary resident of that constituency; need not be a registered voter but must not be disqualified to be registered as a voter
  • Once appointed, the proxy will continue until his/her appointment is revoked by the service voter
  • Proxy can be changed/ revoked to revert back to postal ballot by filling Form 13G and submitting to RO
  • Proxy appointed by you shall vote physically at the Polling Station of your Constituency

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