What are the documents required to register a Vehicle in Bangalore ?

Raj Raj
Answered on January 29,2019
  • Application form CMV20 (in duplicate if the vehicle is covered with HPA or Lease or Hire purchase) (signature of the financier is required in case of HPA/Hypothecation/Lease).
  • Sale Certificate in form CMV21
  • Valid Insurance certificate
  • Proof of Address (Ration Card, Passport, LIC Policy, Electricity or Telephone bill, Pay slip issued by any office of the Central Government or a State, Government or a Local body, House tax receipt)
  • Temporary Registration issued by the Registering Authority or Trade Certificate issued by the Dealer.
  • Road-worthiness Certificate in form CMV22
  • Form CMV22A in case of Body built vehicle (EX. Goods vehicle, bus etc.)
  • Prescribed fee amount to be paid at R.T.O Counter/Treasury.
  • Tax payable after assessment (depending upon the category of the vehicle)
  • Registration Fee, Fitness Certificate, issue and permit fee in case of transport vehicle, hypothecation entry fee to be paid after assessment
  • Income Tax PAN Number (PAN Card Xerox copy) or Form 60 or Form no. 61 (in case of Agriculturists)
  • Bonafide agriculture certificate issued by the Tahsildar in case of registration of Tractor-Trailer unit used for agriculture. In case of new trailer, design approval proceedings issued by the Commissioner of Transport to be produced
  • Permit proceedings, if any, in case of transport vehicles
  • Advance Registration allotment letter

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