My late husband's company in Delhi purchased a car for him and was carriered to Bangalore. It was seized and made him pay INR 1.55 lacs which he paid from his pocket. He passed away before getting NOC and registering to his name. The company graciously sent blank signed forms 28 and 29 and bank clearances. I don't want the car but on trying to sell,I am told NOC is required from Delhi and I have to fill in my name on the signed forms and register it on my name before selling it as RC is in company's name. I find that tedious, I was wondering if it would be better to send it back to Delhi and sell there. But if so, how can I reclaim the Karnataka LTT that was paid ? As it was in the company name when it was seized but was paid by my husband from his own pocket as it was for him that the company bought and the salary deductions towards the car were already cleared. Please advise

Nagaraj Nagaraj
Answered on March 04,2020

It is better you get the ownership changed to your name as soon as possible. You can sell something, only if you have ownership over it and not possession.

Regarding road tax refund, to the best of my knowledge, only the original owner can claim a refund of road tax. So your application for road tax refund will be rejected. Also, the time to get refund from RTO is long. Most of the times, you have to track the status of the refund by filing an RTI.

Things will become more complicated if you take it to Delhi. So it is better to get the ownership changed and sell it in Bangalore itself. This is because, in Delhi, you need to 

  • Get Ownership Changed
  • Get Road Tax Refund from Karnataka
  • Sell it in Delhi

Whereas in Bangalore, you need to 

  • Get Ownership Changed
  • Sell it in Bangalore

It would be better if you take an expert opinion on this matter.

Gautham Gautham
Answered on March 04,2020

Even if you plan to sell it in Delhi, you need to get NOC for ownership transfer from the company.

The following documents are required to be submitted to get refund from RTO in Karnataka.

  • NOC certificate for transfer of Vehicle
  • Copy of the road tax receipt paid by the owner of the vehicle in Karnataka.
  • Copy of the road tax receipt paid by the owner of the vehicle in Delhi.
  • Form DT and Form 16 are required to be submitted as applications.
  • Copy of either the new or old smart card in addition to a notarized copy of the same.
  • The impression of the chassis number of the vehicle.
  • Insurance certificate
  • Proof of address of the owner that will also act as the proof of migration form the old state to the new.
  • A request letter by the owner needs to be submitted to claim the road tax. In addition to this, the bank account and the address to which the cheque has to be sent should also be mentioned.