My daugher birth certificate had no name when we got it. Later after 6 months we added name on it with pen and did not know if anything else is needed. Now when we apply for visa, we feel this birth certificate will be rejected as we put name by hand. Now is it possible to re-issue a new birth certificate with name? How soon we can get it?

Ravi Ravi
Answered on May 07,2019

As you have not mentioned the place where your kid was born, I cannot exactly provide the process to be followed to re-issue birth certificate.

Few of the state governments in India allow online application of birth certificates. Details of them are provided below.

If you belong to any of these States, check the website of that particular State whether they allow search and download of birth certificate. For example, Government of Kerala allows searching of the birth records based on Date of Birth,Gender and Mother’s Name as shown below.

So even if you lose the birth certificate , you can search for it and download it, provided your State digitised the birth records.

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