If death has taken place other than BBMP limits and burial has done in BBMP limits, can a certificate be obtained from BBMP ?

Kamal Kamal
Answered on February 01,2018

NO. The Death Certificate has to be obtained from the place of event.

Ashik Ashik
Answered on August 07,2019

 Death can occur at many places such as

  • House [Residential or Non-residential], or

  • Institution [Medical / Non-medical](Hospital / Jail / Hostel /Dharamshala, etc.), or

  • Other places (Public / Any other place).

Details of who should inform the Registrar in these cases are mentioned below.

Process to register death informant notifier

An Informant is the individual who has been designated to report within the prescribed time period, the fact of occurrence of a death along with certain of its characteristics to the Registrar for the purpose of registering the death. This information is to be provided to the Registrar, either orally or in Form 2: Death Report Form

Notifier is a person who notifies to the Registrar in prescribed form and time, every birth or death or both at which she / he attended or was present at or which had occurred in the area under jurisdiction of the Registrar.

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