I want no caste no religion certificate. How to get it ?

Kevin Kevin
Answered on September 12,2019

A women from Tamil Nadu has obtained it in nine years. Following are the few of the things she has done to obtain "No caste, No religion" certificate

  • She wrote letters to the Tehsildar, requesting a no-community certificate and it got rejected multiple times.
  • After multiple attempts, She applied by employing a procedure they use for a community certificate in 2017. They had to answer the letter as it was numbered. 
  • Tehasildar and Sub-collector of district verified all her school and college documents and found the coloumns on Caste and religion are left blank. They have also checked whether she has availed any benefits from reservation or government scheme.
  • So, though there is no precedent, Authority (Tehasildar and Sub- Collector) decided to go ahead and certify her as "No Caste, No Religion" as it will not affect anybody or take away another person’s opportunity.

Venu Venu
Answered on September 12,2019

None of the State Governments in India currently has guidelines on issuing No Caste No Religion Certificate.

Manoj Manoj
Answered on September 12,2019

To prove that you are not part of particular caste or religion, you need to submit your other identity proofs. If caste and religion is mentioned in it, then you must get is changed first. Approach the Tehsildar then to get a No Caste No Religion Certificate. As there is no set procedures or guidelines for issuing certificate, it will take some time to get it.

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