I moved from Pune to Hyderabad and took NOC from Pune RTO, and in six months (before NOC Expired) moved to Mumbai. So I took Non Utilization Certificate of NOC from Hyderabad RTO. As I'm in Maharashtra now, do i need to register my vehicle in Pune RTO or should I register it in Mumbai RTO. Is the process to re-register in both the cities of Maharashtra will be same ?

Raju Raju
Answered on September 18,2019

As you have got Non-utilization certificate from Pune RTO, you have to cancel the NOC. You can now cancel the NOC by submitting the non-utilisation certificate in the Maharashtra RTO along with an original copy of NOC, RC, Insurance. So, NOC issued from Maharashtra RTO will be canceled.

When you cancel the NOC, it means that your vehicle belongs to Maharashtra.

As you are plying your vehicle in Maharashtra, but at a different RTO jurisdiction, it is not necessary to re-register your vehicle.