How to transfer property from Husband to Wife?

Three ways to transfer property from husband to wife

  1. Gift Deed
  2. Release or Relinquishment Deed
  3. Will


1. Gift Deed:

Gift deed is the most prominent way to transfer property from husband to wife, because of low stamp duty cost and ownership effect immediately after the gift deed registration

The government fee for gift deed registration (subject to Karnataka)

  • Stamp Duty: Rs.5150
  • Registration fee: Rs, 1000
  • Cess on Stamps: Rs. 500
  • Scanning Fee: Rs. 500 (approx)

2. Release or Relinquishment Deed:

Release or Relinquishment deed is applicable when husband and wife co-own the property.

Under the Release Deed, the husband can release his share of property to wife so wife becomes 100% owner of the property.

The government fee for Release or Relinquishment deed registration (subject to Karnataka)

  • Stamp Duty: Rs.5000
  • Registration fee: Rs 1000
  • Scanning Fee: Rs. 500 (approx)
  • Affidavit: Rs. 40

3. Will:

Will is another way to transfer property to your wife. However, the transfer will come into effect only after the death.

Stamp duty is not applicable for WILL Registration, only the registration fee of Rs.200 and scanning fee of Rs. 350 (approx) are applicable.


You can also give General Power of Attorney to your wife. so your wife can transfer the property as and when requires using GPA

The Government fee for General Power of attorney registration:

  • Stamp Duty: Rs.200
  • Registration Fee: Rs, 200
  • Scanning fee: Rs. 350 (approx)

Note: The transfer of property and General Power of attorney should register in registrar's office by paying the required government fee (Stamp Duty and registration fee)


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