How to register a marriage ?

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Answered on September 09,2019

Registration under Hindu Marriage:

  • Application for marriage filled in prescribed form with names and addresses of bridegroom and bride, signatures of bride and bridegroom, signatures of 3 attesting witnesses present at the time of marriage along with their names and addresses.
  • Joint photo of bride and bridegroom
  • Wedding card
  • Date of Birth proof certificates like SSC marks memo, copies of passport, residential proof should be presented to the Registrar of Marriage.
  • Marriage officer will verify the contents of the application and records. He will issue certificate of marriage if he is satisfied that the records produced are in accordance with law.

Solemnization under Special Marriage Act, 1954

  • Bridegroom and bride should give notice of intended marriage 30 days in advance for the solemnization of marriage along with prescribed fees. Bride or bridegroom must have lived continuously for not less than 30 days within the jurisdiction of marriage officer before giving the notice
  • If no objections are received within 30 days from the date of notice of intended marriage, bridegroom and bride should appear before the Marriage Officer within next 60 days after lapse of initial 30 days from such notice along with three witnesses for solemnisation of the marriage. Marriage Officer after following procedure prescribed under act and rules will solemnise the marriage. If marriage is not solemnised within 90 days from the date of notice, then a fresh notice has to be issued.
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