How to get RC in digilocker ?

Manohar Manohar
Answered on March 01,2019

If you don't have a digilocker account, create a digilocker account.

If you already have a digilocker account, please follow the below steps.

  • Visit Digilocker website
  • Click on Signin to proceed
  • Enter your Username and Password in the fields given.Click on the Signin button to Login to your digilocker account.


    Enter your Aadhaar number and click on verify button get OTP in your Aadhaar linked mobile number and enter the OTP received on your mobile to Login to your digilocker account

  • Click on the Issued Documents. Click on Check Partners Section to begin

  • Select Partner Name as  ‘Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, All States’ and  ‘Document Type’ as ‘Registration of Vehicle’.

  • If your Aadhar is linked, you can see that your Name and Relative's name is automatically filled. 

  • Enter your Registration Number and Chassis number.

  • Now click on ‘Get Document’ button.

  • Your RC data will be fetched and Linked with DigiLocker Account.

  • Now, Click on issued documents

  • Click 'view document'

  • Your RC will be displayed which you can download in pdf format.
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