How to get a voter ID card using EPIC number?

Tinku Tinku
Answered on February 14,2019

If you have lost your voter ID card, you have to file an FIR. Copy of FIR , photo & address proof needed to be taken to either BDO or SDO office. You will receive the new Voter ID card within a day.

Exact process is mentioned here.

Linu Linu
Answered on June 16,2018
  1. Go to
  2. Search by providing EPIC number.

Once you have provided the required information, you will get all the details available in Voter ID card such as part number, serial number etc.

Ajmal Ajmal
Answered on February 14,2019

Follow the below steps to get voter ID card information online.

  • Visit Electoral Search website
  • You can search either by providing basic details in "Search By Details" or by providing EPIC number in "Search by EPIC No."
  • Click on "Search by EPIC No."

  • Enter EPIC No. (Voter ID card number)
  • Enter your State
  • Enter the code and click on search
  • Click on View Details to check the details
  • You can see the basic details of the person from there.
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