My voter id is approved and generated my epic number also.But I haven't received my voter id by post.How many days it will take to get physical voter id by post, after approval of voter ID?

Niyas Maskan, Village Officer, Kerala verified
Answered on August 31,2023

When you apply for a voter ID card, the booth-level officers of the Election Commission visit the applicant's home to take the report or make inquiries over the phone and submit the report to the Election Commission. They might also take reports of you without your knowledge from people in your locality as well.

Now the Booth Level Officer sends a report to the Election Commission. If the report is favorable, then Election Commission approves it. After the approval, your name will come in the Voters List and an EPIC number will be allotted. You will get a message on your mobile.

So, when the EPIC number is allotted, your name might not be there in the existing Voters list. Your name will be there in the upcoming Voters list.

At the same time, the approved voter ID applications at Taluk Offices are sent in bulk to their respective center for printing Voter ID cards. It depends on how fast the respective center prints the card. So, the exact time to receive the Voter ID card may vary. As it is election time, the number of voter id cards to print will be huge. So, you can expect a delay.

What you can do if Voter ID is delayed

Contact the Booth Level Officer of the concerned booth and enquire about the status. Or enquire in the Election section of the Taluk Office within the limits of that Taluk.

Check whether your name is there on the Voters List

To vote in the election, you need to make sure your name is on the voter list for you to vote.

If there is a delay in getting the Voter ID Card, you can approach the Village Office/ Local Self Government Departments/ Booth Level Officer/ Important representative of the Political Party. They will have the recently published Electoral Roll/ Voter List. You can search it manually to find out if the name is there in the voter's list. Just check the voter list of your ward or polling station.

If this is not possible, then you can use the Voter Helpline app. You can take a PDF printout of the voter list online by using the Voter Helpline app. Search there to find out if the name is there in the voter's list.

Apart from this, by entering the requested information in the search option of the Voter Service Portal, one can check whether the name is in the voter list.

What if my name is there in the Voter List but does not have a Voter ID

The Election Commission of India allows people whose names are there in the voter list but do not have voter ID also to vote in the election. A few days before the election, the Election Commission of India provides a list of alternate documents you can use to vote in the election. Normally, it includes documents such as Passport, Driving License, etc. The exact set of documents will be known a few days before the election. So, if you have any of those documents and your name is on the voter list, you can cast your vote.

Note: Answer edited on 12/03/2024

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Thank you for your response..

Rohit chaubey Rohit chaubey
Answered on October 23,2021

It will take 30 days for receiving voter id card by post after the generation of epic or if you have urgent you can also download the voter id in printable form also. 

Ayush Kumar Singh Ayush Kumar Singh
Answered on January 06,2024

Depends on their mood , it took 6 months for my physical voter card and trust me my brother and me applied at the same time he got after 6 month but mine is rejected after 6 months. 

If your epic number is generated then they are not going to reject your application you will get your physical voter ID but you have to wait because some people get within 30 days but some get after 6 months it totally depends upon their mood so be chill and wait.
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