How to apply for International driving licence in India?

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Answered on January 22,2024

If an Indian citizen is planning to go abroad, then there are many different and important documents that need to keep for a much smoother experience. And the international driving license is one of them. You can drive a vehicle in any country outside of India with an international driving permit. In this article ,you will get overview of the processes, eligibility and documents that are required to get an international driving license.

For getting an international driving license, you must have a valid Indian driving license. Based on the domestic driving licence, you can apply for international licence at respective RTO. Once your driving license documents are submitted at RTO after online application, it will generally take 7–10 working days for processing.

The international driving permit will be valid for one year, or until the date of the domestic driving license, whichever comes first. You can use it over 150 countries, so there will be no problem.

Documents for international driving license

The international driving license is an important document. You have to provide all your original documents with you at the time you visit the RTO office. The following are the required documents mentioned below: -

  1. You need a valid driving license with a photocopy.
  2. You also need three recent passport-size photos.
  3. You will also have to bring identity proof, such as your passport, Aadhar with its photocopies.
  4. You also need to bring your visa and its photocopies.
  5. You will also need a photocopy of your air ticket for the verification process.
  6. You should also have a receipt for payment of the fees for the verification.
  7. You also need a medical certificate from Form 1A.
  8. You also need an application for IDL in Form 4A.

International driving license online process:

There are many different steps to getting an international driving license. You need to follow these steps for permit:

  1. To apply for an international driving license, you first need to visit the online portal Parivahan.
  2. After that, you need to select the state. The state is where you have existing licence Also, it needs to select an RTO name for which the application for the international driving permit is to be filled.
  3. Then you have to fill out an online application form on the parivahan portal, where you have to mention your domestic driving license number.
  4. Enter your date of birth for login And click on the verify button.
  5. Then all of your license details will be displayed. Check the driving license details to see if there are any mistakes other than spelling mistakes on your license or if they are not displayed. Then you need to visit and correct those mistakes by contacting the respective RTO office for the correction.
  6. Fill in all the other necessary details if asked by the portal. And you will receive an application number. You have to download the whole form.
  7. Visit and submit the application form with the fees payment to the RTO office and take all the necessary documents (original copy as well as photocopy) to the RTO.

For an international driving permit, there is no need to take a driving test, and you can apply in up to three countries at a time. The processing time for an international driving license at RTO may vary. Thus, apply for it well in advance. Also, it is always better to check the respective visiting country rules before applying to fulfil any specific requirement. For more information about the procedure, fees and requirements, you can visit  International driving licence blog for details.

e.g., if you have a valid driving license issued from RTO Mumbai, then you have to apply for an international driving license at RTO Mumbai. While applying online you need to select Maharashtra as state and choose Mumbai RTO and proceed for the remaining process.

Currently fees for obtaining international driving licence is 1000 Rs. It is same at all RTO’s located in India. Applicant has to pay it online while applying submitting the application form. While appearing at RTO, it needs to present the fees receipt along with other documents.


Advantages of an international driving license are listed below:


  1. The international driving license is not just a driving license. It can also be used as an identity proof in many of the different countries.
  2. It also shows that the holder of this driving license is very experienced in driving. And the person can also drive vehicles in other countries.
  3. Multiple languages printed on the driving license also help the people of the other country verify the international driving license easily.
  4. With a valid international driving license, you can rent and drive a vehicle in a foreign country.
  5. It enables you to get insurance in other countries.

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