I am unable to fetch my Pan card to my Digilocker account. It is showing the full name did not match. While the name is same as in PAN CARD.What to do?

Rahul Amrik Rahul Amrik
Answered on January 18,2022

This is a software bug in the pan card database. To overcome this bug, try the below.

In digilocker, when trying to download PAN card, it will ask for 2 things - Name and PAN Card. Enter your full name without space. Eg., If your first name is Akash and Last name is Gupta, enter your name as AkashGupta without space. Enter your PAN number next as usual. Now, you will be able to get PAN Card into digilocker.

Ananda Kumar Ananda Kumar
Answered on January 04,2023

This problem arises who puts the initial First  ( first alphabet from Father's Name) and name next as appearing in the Aadhar. In such cases write the full name of your father and then your name. The problem was solved for me after trying various combination. for example , name in the Aadhar card P ARUNACHAM, Then it should be entered as  PERUMAL ARUNACHALAM. This works 100%

This is because you entered a different name or pattern from what was originally recorded as your name while applying for PAN. It is not necessary that you have the same name printed on your PAN, which may be in a different pattern. I solved this issue by checking my income tax return document, which has my name as exactly what the PAN record has. 

In my case, my PAN-printed name pattern is in a pattern: my name, my father's name, and my house name. But on my tax document, it is my name and house name only, no father's name. Even the initial of my name is not in the IT document, so I tried it with that one, and I succeeded.


k s Jayaseel k s Jayaseel
Answered on October 03,2023

Please check what is recorded as your first middle and last of your name in your ITR General information part A page. The same you enterd in digilocker. You can clear it.

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