Do I need to take an LMV learner test for a learner license? I hold an MCWG driving license already. (DELHI)

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Answered on January 22,2024

Even if you already have MCWG license, you still need to take  LMV learner test. Because you have to practice driving light truck or car. It is important if you want to have DL for 4 wheeler!

For computer based test read the basics - things like road signs and safety checks. You will need to answer at least 60% of the multiple choice questions correctly to pass. Once you do, you can apply for your learner license and start practicing with a licensed driver by your side. Take your time getting fully comfortable behind the wheel.

When you think you can drive better and  have confidence, you can schedule the driving test for your license. 

In case you need more help you can consider Itzeazy! They will help you with the process of learning driving licence apply online delhi

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