Can a property be registered in two names in India?

Yes, property can be registered in two names

When we think of more than one name, we probably think of close family members of wife, husband, father, mother and children. However, there are lot of other people who even buy a property together with extended family members, business partner and friends. In real-estate industry, we call such ownership as co-owner or joint-owner

Co-ownership brings down the cost, risk and owning a property becomes affordable

For some people, owning a property alone might not possible. Sharing the below cost makes property owning possible

  • Down payment
  • Monthly EMI payment
  • Home interiors/ Renovation
  • Stamp Duty
  • Property tax payment

Each co-owner will be on the Deed when we buy property with someone. Likely, each co-owners names on the home loan application. However, spouse may exempt from home loan application.

For example: My client, wife and husband jointly purchased a residental property in Bangalore. Both the names on the sale deed. The ownership ration is 50:50

Refer to below sale deed:

sale deed residential property bangalore

Husband paid 50% of consideration as down payment (without home loan)

Wife paid 50% of consideration through home loan. If you refer to the bank’s cheque, only wife’s name mentioned as applicant, (husband is not part of home loan application).

Refer to arrow mark in below cheque.

cheque property buying bangalore

The investment of 50:50 ratio made them buy their dream home. Importantly, they are the first-time home buyer.

Such 50:50 investment strategy is typically high when woman is a working member in family. Also, this purchase indirectly benefits income tax returns and HRA claim

We assist with multiple-owner property registration. To opt for our service, please whatsapp to +91-97424-79020

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