How to get Pashu Aadhaar ?

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on August 15, 2019

Pashu Aadhaar is being introduced with the aim of enhancing traceability of livestock and their products, such as milk or meat. This will help farmers and animal husbandry officials devise better strategies to manage livestock in the country.

Pashu Aadhaar

Just like Aadhaar cards, Pashu Aadhaar will also assign a unique identification number to each animal, alongside a host of other related data that will help in managing the country’s vast livestock resources. Pashu Aadhaar is being touted as the world’s largest existing database of animals.

Issuing Authority

Pashu Aadhaar, also known as the Information Network for Animal Productivity and Health (INAPH), is being developed by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). If implemented successfully, INAPH will be the world's largest database of animals.


Pashu Aadhaar is being developed to track the population of livestock in India. Every animal will be provided with an ear tag that would contain its own 12-digit UID. Pashu Aadhaar will contain data on the bovines’ species, breed, pedigree, and information related to calving, milk production, and vaccination.

Apply for Pashu Aadhar

For Farmers

Online Farmer Registration

Pashu Aadhaar Farmer Registration

Pashu Aadhaar Farmer Registration New Account

  • Enter the verification code received on your mobile number to verify.

Pashu Aadhaar Farmer Registration Verification Code

Online Animal Registration

You will be able to access INAPH Application in below-mentioned ways,

1. If you are registered as an Offline farmer, you will get the SMS on your cell phone regarding your login information and the link to download the INAPH Farmer Android Application. Or you can directly login into the INAPH portal and download the INAPH Farmer Android Application.

2. If you are registered as an online farmer, you will get the SMS on your cell phone regarding your login information and start accessing INAPH Farmer Web Application by directly login in to the INAPH portal.

Follow the below steps to apply online for animal registration. 

Pashu Aadhaar Animal Registration

  • Enter the required details.

Pashu Aadhaar Animal Registration Onliine

  • Enter the owner details as well.

Pashu Aadhaar Animal Registration Owner Details

For Organizations

Please send a request of INAPH Application in detail to Managing Director, National Dairy Development Board, Anand - 388001, Gujarat, India.


As of August 2019, about 22.3 million buffaloes and cows have got their UIDs and their data have been uploaded on the INAPH database.


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