Mission Bhagiratha Telangana

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

Mission Bhagiratha is a project for supplying clean drinking water to all households in Telangana. Mission Bhagiratha is a massive project with an outlay of Rs 45,028 crores targeted to be completed in a record time of 3 years. It covers 2.72 crore people and 65.29 lakh households. The project was investigated, designed and estimated by the Mission Bhagiratha Department.98% of transmission & distribution systems function by gravity


Mission Bhagiratha intends

  • To ensure safe and sustainable PIPED drinking water supply from surface water sources at:

    • 100 LPCD ( litres per capita per day) for rural areas,

    • 135 LPCD for Municipalities

    • 150 LPCD for Municipal Corporations

    • 10% Quantity allocated to Industrial requirements

  • To provide each household with a tap connection.

  • 10% of water in all Irrigation sources reserved for Drinking Water.

Project Scale

  • Total Pipeline Network - 1.460 Lakh Kms i.e, three times the Circumference of the earth

  • No of segments - 26 

  • Tentative Project Out lay - Rs 45,028 crores 

  • Total Geographical area to be covered - 1.11 lakh Sqkm 

  • Total Population benefitted - 2.72 crores 

  • Constituencies to be covered - 99 

  • Urban Local Bodies to be covered - 65(outside ORR) 

  • Rural Habitations to be covered - 24,225 

  • Sources

    • Krishna River( and its tributaries)and Godavari River (and its tributaries )

  • Water requirement(86.11 TMC (2048))

    • Krishna Basin : 32.43 TMC

    • Godavari Basin :53.68 TMC 

  • Total households to be covered - 65,29,770

    • Rural households to be covered - 52,47,225

    • Urban Households to be covered - 12,82,545 

  • Total pipeline network - 1.460 lakh Kms

  • Scale of Supply

    • Rural - 100 LPCD

    • Muncipalities Nagarpalikas - 135 LPCD

    • Municipal Corporations - 150 LPCD

  • Power Requirements - 235 MW.


  • HUDCO presented award thrice to government of Telangana for best outstanding contribution in the infrastructure sector through innovative initiatives.

  • This project received encomium from Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Union Minisiters, MoDs(GOI), Niti Aayog,15th Finance Commission and other states like Uttar Pradesh,West Bengal,Bihar,Maharashtra,Tamilnadu,Madhya Pradesh and Odisha 

  • This Telangana model is also being emulated in Bihar,Karnataka and Maharashtra states.


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