Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

The Government of Assam has announced Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme in February 2019. Under this scheme widows up to the age of 45 years will receive a lump sum amount of Rs 25,000 as ‘Immediate Family Assistance’ which will support the family tide over the financial vacuum created by the loss of the bread earner.

In addition to the immediate assistance of Rs. 25,000, for regular maintenance expenses, the widow will also be eligible for a monthly pension of Rs.250 until she attains the age of 60 years, post which, she will be moved to the old age pension scheme.

Eligibility Criteria

Following eligibility criteria should be satisfied to obtain financial assistance under Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme

  • Beneficiary should be widow

  • Widow should be permanent Resident of Assam

  • Scheme is applicable to widows up to the age of 45.


Following category of people are excluded from obtaining the financial assistance even if they satisfy eligibility criteria.

  • Government employees and those who already have a life insurance policy shall not be covered under this scheme as they already have financial coverage to meet with such exigencies

  • If the beneficiary marries after the death of the previous husband, then she will not get the financial assistance.

Documents Required

Following documents are required to obtain financial assistance under Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension scheme

  • Death certificate of the husband

  • ID proof - Any of Voter ID card/Aadhar card/ Ration Card

  • Bank account details

Application Process

An allocation of Rs. 136 crore was made in Budget 2019-20 to cover the 40,000 families that are expected to benefit under the ‘Immediate Family Assistance Scheme’ and to cover an estimated 2.4 Lakh widows under the ‘Indira Miri Universal Widow Pension Scheme’.

Government of Assam has not yet released the application form for the scheme.




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