Common Mobility Card Telangana

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

The Government of Telangana is planning to develop Common Mobility Card , "One Hyderabad Card", which will allow citizens to travel across multiple modes of both public and private transport systems, for commuters in Hyderabad and across the state.

This initiative is a part of the Smart National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) model launched by the Ministry of Urban Development with the objective to ensure seamless travel across all transport systems and to enable one card usability in all payment systems, including transit operators, retail shopping and purchases across the country.


“One Hyderabad Card” intends to enable hassle-free travel within the city avoiding long queues for accessing travel & other public services and to make available multiple convenient payment options to residents and visitors in the city. Following are the benefits of the card.

  1. Saves time: This card will help commuters save their time and efforts by eliminating the need to stand in long queues at the ticket counters. 

  1. Saves money: This will serve as a debit card while providing users with best customer support. While it means a lesser expenditure for the government for making tickets, users can expect some discounts through this cashless transaction. For instance, the Delhi government is offering 10 percent discount on all state-run buses for the use of such card.

  2. The government is planning to issue the cards at no cost to the users in order to encourage its use.


One Hyderabad Card is a contact and Quick Response (QR) code based card, which will allow people to use it on any mode of public transport. It can be used in all Metro services, RTC buses, MMTS, autorickshaws and cabs. It is basically aimed at promoting digital transaction under Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) system.

The card intended to be a co-branded card is meant for multi use.

The cards shall incorporate features for use of cards in the end-user devices through “Swiping”, through “Contactless” (or “Tapping”) Near Field Communication (NFC) facility and QR code facility.

The existing KYC norms of RBI shall apply for issuance of the cards. It is proposed that for quick adaptation initially the cards will be used without any KYC (subject to the monetary limits of no KYC as per RBI) documents by taking the Phone number of the buyer.

Multiple channels for top up of the card including electronic transfer of cash using Mobile Wallet, Online Portal, etc., shall be made available.

The Card will incorporate open standards for data exchange, related to the consumer usage pattern of the cards, with decision support systems deployed as part of the ecosystem. The card will be co-branded with Government of Telangana as one of the providers.

The Card will be open loop and shall follow NCMC open loop smart card standards.


One Hyderabad card can be used for travelling in following modes.

  • Hyderabad Metro Rail

  • MMTS Travel Hyderabad MMTS – South Central Railways

  • Bus Travel - TSRTC

  • OLA

  • Uber

  • Auto rickshaws

How to get One Hyderabad Card ?

One Hyderabad Card is in implementation phase now. Once it is developed, you can follow the below procedure to apply for One Hyderabad Card.

  • New Card applicant contacts Authorized Franchisee

  • Franchisee selects New Card option in the Card Service Provider’s Mobile App ( Regular Mobility Card / Seasonal Bus / MMTS / Metro Pass Mobility Card)

  • Franchisee enters the Card applicant’s Mobile Phone Number

  • OTP verification through Mobile App

  • System displays the Minimum Amount for each type of card and prompts for payment

  • Franchisee selects mode of payment in the Mobile App (1. Cash, 2. Credit/Debit Card, 3. eWallet)

  • Franchisee processes payment transaction and authorizes New Card issue in Mobile App

  • SMS sent to Card applicant with Card No.

  • Franchisee delivers a New Card with same Card No.

  • System posts the transaction to Service provider’s central server.

  • Service providers collects & reconciles cash transactions with Authorized Franchisees

How to top-up One Hyderabad Card ?

There are 3 ways to top-up your One Hyderabad Card.

1. Using Service Provider Web Portal

  • Card user logs into Service Provider Web Portal using OTP verification through registered Mobile No. ( No. used during new card purchase)

  • Card user selects the amount to for Top-Up

  • Card user selects mode of payment Credit / Debit Card / eWallet

  • If the Top-Up needs eKYC verification, then eKYC verification process followed.

  • System prompts for payment authorization

  • Card user confirms payment authorization for the Top-Up amount

  • System posts transaction for Top-Up amount approved to the Card No.

  • System confirms Top-Up approval through an SMS Card user’s registered mobile no.

2. Through Franchisee

  • Card user contacts Authorized Franchisee for Top-Up

  • Card user provides the Card No.

  • Franchisee enters the Service Provider Mobile App

  • OTP Verification sent to Card holder’s Mobile No.

  • Card Holder confirms OTP

  • Card Holder selects Top-Up amount

  • If the Top-Up amount requires eKYC verification, then eKYC process followed

  • Franchisee enters the Top-Up amount & selects the mode of payment (1.Cash, 2. Credit/Debit Card, 3. eWallet) in Mobile App

  • Franchises processes payment transaction

  • System posts the Top-Up amount to Card Holder’s Card No.

  • Mobile App sends SMS to Card Holder’s mobile no. confirming the Top-Up amount.

3. Using Service Provider Mobile App

  • Card user logs into Service Provider Mobile App using OTP verification

  • Card user selects the amount to for Top-Up

  • Card user selects mode of payment Credit / Debit Card / eWallet

  • If the Top-Up needs eKYC verification, then eKYC verification process followed.

  • System prompts for payment authorization

  • Card user confirms payment authorization for the Top-Up amount

  • System posts transaction for Top-Up amount approved to the Card No.

  • System confirms Top-Up approval through an SMS Card user’s registered mobile no.

How to change registered mobile number in One Hyderabad card ?

Registered mobile number can be changed using Service Provider Web Portal / Mobile App.

  • Card user log into the system using OTP authentication

  • Card user selects Mobile No – change option & enters New Mobile Number

  • OTP sent to New Mobile No.

  • Card user confirms OTP

  • System confirms change of Mobile Numbers through SMS to new Mobile no.

How to travel in metro using One Hyderabad Card ?

  • Card user taps the card at entry turnstile

  • Card user taps the card at exit turnstile

  • Service Provider’s system interfaces to Metro Rail system deducts the journey fare from the user’s card value. If the card is a Seasonal Pass card for Metro travel the validity period is checked.

  • Service Provider’s system posts the transaction to Metro Rail System on T+2 basis

How to travel in MMTS using One Hyderabad Card ?

There are 3 ways to travel in MMTS using One Hyderabad Card. Details are provided below.

1. Using Ticket Vending Machines

Service Provider deploys suitable Mobility Card interfaces to Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) as well as MMTS back end systems.

  • Card user selects Origin & Destination of the journey & No. of Passengers in TVMs

  • TVMs displays journey Fare Amount

  • Card user makes TVM interfaces to process payment

  • TVM interfaces posts the fare transaction details to System Provider’s central servers

  • TVM prints ticket for the journey

  • Service Provider’s interfaces to MMTS back end systems post fare transactions net of any revenue shared with MMTS at T+2 day

2. Using Mobile App

Service Provider deploys Mobile App which has interfaces to MMTS backend systems. Card users download and install the Mobile App from App Playstore.

  • Card user provides journey details (start ,end, & date of journey, # of passengers ) in MMTS Mobile App

  • Mobile App displays fare

  • Mobile App prompts for Mobility Card No.

  • Card user provides Card No.

  • If the Card is a Seasonal MMTS Pass Mobility Card – only the validity period is checked.

  • For other Mobility Cards OTP verification processed

  • Mobile App deducts Journey fare from Card no. in the system

  • Mobile App send details of Journey to Card user’s Mobile no.

  • Mobile App posts transaction details to MMTS back-end server at T+2

3. Using QR Code

The Service Provider’s QR containing the Bank A/c details for fare amount transfer, is displayed in multiple locations in MMTS stations.

  • Card user activates previously installed MMTS travel related mobile app provided by the Service provides

  • Card user enters Origin and Destination MMTS stations

  • Mobile displays the fare

  • Card User enters card no. and selects fare payment option and scans the Service Provider’s QR code

  • Fare Amount is deducted from the card value and transferred to Service Provider’s Bank Account.

  • eTicket for MMTS travel along with the electronic receipt for fare deducted is sent Card user’s mobile no.

  • Card user can use the eTicket to complete MMTS journey.

How to travel in TSRTC City Bus using One Hyderabad Card ?

Service Provider deploys suitable devices with Mobile Apps or interfaces to existing (POS) devices for fare collections.

  • Card user informs the conductor about the stop to descend

  • Conductor share the fare

  • Card user provides Mobility Card to conductor

  • If it is a seasonal bus pass mobility card the validity of the card is checked using the device interface or Mobile App interface to Service Provider’s central server.

  • If it is a regular Mobility Card using the Service Provider’s interfaces , the fare amount is deducted from Card Value and transaction is posted to Service Provider Central Server.

  • The Service Provider posts the fare transaction and amount net of revenue shared to TSRTC backend systems at T+2 day


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