Badavara Bandhu Scheme Karnataka

Written By Gautham Krishna   | Published on June 15, 2019

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Name of the Service Badavara Bandhu Scheme Karnataka
Department Department of cooperation
Beneficiaries Citizens of Karnataka
Application Type Offline

The Government of Karnataka has launched the ‘Badavara Bandhu’ scheme to help  street vendors, small-time traders  and footpath hawkers to get easy capital to conduct business because these people require working capital on a day to day basis

Benefits of Badavara Bandhu Scheme Karnataka

  • Under this scheme, the small traders will get loans of up to Rs.10,000 without any interest and collateral.

  • The beneficiaries will have the flexibility of repaying the loan in daily instalments of Rs.100 or one-time repayment within three months.

  • If they repay within the stipulated time, they are eligible for a fresh loan of up to Rs.15,000.

  • There would be a decrease in the exploitation of the workers.

Application Procedure of Badavara Bandhu Scheme Karnataka

  • The street vendors who require single day loans can go to the government banks and deposit their Identity Card, Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Driving Licence early in the morning.

  • These vendors can repay the loan by evening after the day sales and retrieve their identity cards.

  • In case the vendor fails to repay the loan in the evening, then their ID Card will be retained until the time loan is repaid.

  • This will also blacklist the person for further day loans anywhere in the state.

Status of Badavara Bandhu Scheme Karnataka

In the State, a total of 7.69 crore interest-free loans have been distributed to 13522 street vendors under the ‘Badavara Bandhu’ scheme. By this, small street vendors have been freed from the exploitation and atrocities of money lenders, thereby facilitating to run of their business.


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