Aadhaaram, Pattayam, Pokkuvaravu, Databank

Aadhaaram (Sale Deed)

Sale Deed or Adharam is the registered document by which the title of a property is transferred or conveyed from one person to another. In a purchase or sale of a property, sale deed is a valuable legal document and it is governed by the Registration Act. As per Kerala rules, the purchase or sale of the property is legally complete only when it is executed by the seller and registered in the respective Sub Registrar Office, after both the parties are satisfied with the sale consideration as per rules in existence and the terms and conditions as said in the deed.

The stamp duty and registration fees of a sale deed will differ from state to state in the country and as prescribed by the Stamp Act of the respective State. The sale deed would also require to be signed by at least two witnesses with all their details included.


Pattayam is a land ownership document issued to individuals or institutions by the State Government from their state-owned land. Pattaya distribution is usually given to those who do not own their land, or who have been in possession of the land for many years. Pattaya is usually issued through the Land Tribunal under the Land Revenue Department. 


The name listed in the Pattaya Register is called "Thandaper". 

For paying road tax online in Kerala, you need to have Thandaper. Thandaper is a computer-generated number.

To get Thandaper, visit the village office with the following documents.

  • Land Related Documents
  • Details about Last Year's paid land tax
  • Proof of Identity of Land Owner
  • Address and Phone number of Land Owner

Once the Village Officer uploads these documents to the network, the village officer will provide the following details.

  • Thandaper (Computer Generated Number)
  • Block Number
  • Survey Number
  • Sub Division Number

Once you get the Thandaper, then you can pay the land tax online as provided below.

  • Enter Thandapper Number, survey/ subdivision number
  • Details of Area, Thandapper holder and tax amount will be displayed
  • Enter the details about the previous year's land tax and receipt number
  • In the remarks column, enter the Pattaya number as well.
  • Click on submit.

Your request will be sent to the village office for approval. Once the village officer approves your request, you will receive a message on your mobile number.


Databank contains the complete details of the cultivable paddy land and wetland in Kerala along with their area, survey numbers etc. Databank is prepared by Village Officer and Krishi Officer in the area.

Pokkuvarav (Mutation)

Pokkuvarav (Mutation) is the process of recording the title of a property of a person in the Village Records. 

After the purchase of a land/property, copy of the title deed has to be presented to the respective village with application for mutation. The village officer will take steps to record the full details of the land like Survey number, subdivision number, extend of land, full address of the title holder, etc. in a particular Thandaper number in the Thandaper Register. Only after mutation, you will be entitled to pay land tax in respect of that property. If a particular portion of land is purchased from out of a larger extent in a survey number, then it has to be recorded in the Area register of the Thaluk office. It will take at least 30 days.


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