Why should I re-register my bike in Bangalore?

Revanna Revanna
Answered on May 20,2018

As per the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act 1957, if you take your bike from home state to Bangalore, you need to get it re-registered within 11 months from the date of arrival in to Karnataka State.

Also, when you relocate to a new address the registered address of Vehicle should also be changed. In Karnataka, the vehicles migrating from other States should file an application for noting change of address within 30 days from the day vehicle enters the State.

The vehicle owner shall produce the following documents for re-registration of bike in Bangalore.

  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) in form CMV 28 or postal acknowledgement for having sent application for issue of no objection certificate to the concerned registering authority. 
  • Application form CMV 27. 
  • Registration certificate (RC Book)
  • Tax Card.
  • Insurance certificate. 
  • Consent of the Financier.
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate.
  • Prescribed fees and difference of tax if any.

All the related applications shall be filed before the Registering Authority and Vehicle shall be produced for inspection in the premises of the R.T.O. in case it is not inspected earlier.

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