What will happen if I don’t pay Road Tax (or Life Time Tax) in Bangalore?

Vaidyan Vaidyan
Answered on May 20,2018
As per the Karnataka Motor Vehicle Act 1957, if you bring your vehicle from home state to Bangalore, you need to get it re-registered and pay life time tax within 11 months from the date of arrival in to Karnataka State.

After this period, you may get penalized for not paying the road tax (or Life Time Tax). In some cases, your vehicle papers might get seized if you are caught driving a vehicle without paying Road Tax.

Following documents are required to pay Road Tax in Bangalore

  1. Registration certificate of the vehicle (Copy of RC Book).
  2. Invoice copy of the vehicle.
  3. Valid Insurance Copy of the vehicle.
  4. Address proof (optional,just in case).
  5. NOC is required .
  6. Form No. KMVT14 (If the vehicle is from different state)
  7. Local address proof (Any one from the following list)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Passport
  • Nationalized Bank Statement/Pass book
  • Own house Electric Bill
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Id
  • LIC Bond
  • Own house agreement
  • BSNL Bill
  • Rental Agreement with Notary Seal and Electric Bill
  • Rental Agreement with Notary Seal and Gas bill
  • Letter from HR and Company Id

Aysha Aysha
Answered on November 11,2019
You can check this video to calculate the road tax to be paid in Bangalore.