What is the procedure to transfer the car from Kolkata to Bangalore? Also, Insurance and 5-year road tax are expiring in November. How much is the road tax for the car purchased on Nov'14 at Rs. 582000?

Srinivas Srinivas
Answered on October 02,2019

Within 1 month of bringing your car to Bangalore, you need to get the address updated in the RC book.

Within 11 months, you need to pay road tax and get your vehicle re-registered in Karnataka.

Detailed procedure about changing the address in RC book, paying road tax and vehicle re-registration are provided in the link below.

What to do when you bring you car or bike to Bangalore ?

Payment of Road Tax

In Karnataka, the road tax is calculated based on the age and price of the vehicle. The lifetime of the vehicle is assumed to be 15 years. As the car is already 5 years old, you need to pay lifetime tax for the remaining 10 years. There is no quarterly or annual payment of road tax. So, you need to pay for 10 years in one go.

You can use the road tax calculator for the same.

As per my calculation, you need to pay a road tax of INR 67832 for using your vehicle in Karnataka. It might vary.


You can follow the same procedure for getting insurance renewed as you have done in the last year. 



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